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Under Control!

Posted by
Eric Cousineau (Sherwood Park, Canada) on 27 July 2011 in Documentary & Street and Portfolio.

A development is the use of an impulse fire-extinguishing system (IFEX), in which the water is highly pressurized into a vaporous mist, creating a cooling effect that is more efficient than that of water alone.

PENTAX K200D 1/180 second F/5.6 ISO 100 300 mm (35mm equiv.)

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StarCosmosBleu from Bedford.Qc, Canada

All fireman must be in very good shape as they have so many challenging situation with fire they are confronted with...nice shot..

27 Jul 2011 5:21am

@StarCosmosBleu: Thank you very much Marcel! Yes, physical conditioning is a very important aspect of their job! ;-)

Shaahin Bahremand from Tehran, Iran

wow ! great moment !

27 Jul 2011 5:44am

@Shaahin Bahremand: Thank you very much Shaahin! ;-)

Steve Rice from Olympia, United States

A cool shot of these firefighters winning the fight.

27 Jul 2011 5:51am

@Steve Rice: Thank you very much Steve! ;-)

Marie LC from Entre montagnes et Bretagne, France

A series which pays a great tribute to the firemen

27 Jul 2011 5:58am

@Marie LC: Thank you very much Marie! Yes, their very important contributions are often overlooked until you have an emergency that requires their assistance..... ;-)

Phil David Morris 2011 from Saskatoon, Toronto, Canada

Love the colors and the detail, almost neon, beautiful photo.

27 Jul 2011 6:27am

@Phil David Morris 2011: Thank you very much Phil! ;-)

Riccardo from Rome, Italy

I like the attitude of these firemen.. And love the way in America people respect those worker.

27 Jul 2011 6:52am

@Riccardo: Thank you very much Riccardo! With houses in North America being primarily made of wood, fire is a very real and present danger. Without the watchful eye of these well trained professionals much property and human tragedy would be the norm. These men and women put their lives on the line every day to ensure the public safety and that is something that should be honoured..... ;-)

Lalena from Barcelona, Spain

Woww! Well moment then!!! Very nice scenne!!!! ;)

27 Jul 2011 7:32am

@Lalena: Thank you very much Lalena! ;-)

grouser from Ludlow, United Kingdom

I should think the surrounding snow helps too:) Nicely documented

27 Jul 2011 8:31am

@grouser: Thank you very much Grouser! In some ways it would help and in other ways it is a hinderance to the firemen! ;-)

El pare from Prepirineu, Andorra

Excellently explained series... as usual!

27 Jul 2011 9:31am

@El pare: Thank you very much Manel! ;-)

janina from Melbourne, Australia

Does this mean the fire will soon be over... ^_^

27 Jul 2011 9:35am

@janina: Thank you very much Janina! Yes, the fire will soon be out and then the real work starts...... ;-)

Mhelene from Paris, France

Great documentary and a beautiful photo .

27 Jul 2011 10:00am

@Mhelene: Thank you very much Mhelene! ;-)

Scene by Sharon Photography from Kingston, Ontario, Canada

this has been such an amazing photojournalist experience - well done!!!

27 Jul 2011 10:06am

@Scene by Sharon Photography: Thank you very much Sharon! ;-)

Anne from 新加坡, Singapore

Great shot and documentary..and I've learnt something about the IFEX here..thanks, Eric! :)

27 Jul 2011 11:00am

@Anne: Thank you very much Anne! ;-)

Elaine Hancock from Rockville, United States

Great shot! I wonder how difficult it is to control the hose with all the force of the water spraying out.

27 Jul 2011 11:33am

@Elaine Hancock: Thank you very much Elaine! The water from these hoses is under great pressure so it requires quite a bit of strength to control them which is why you usually see them being manned by two firefighters...... ;-)

Stephen from Canberra, Australia

Great close framing here, Eric. These guys are ice cool under pressure!

27 Jul 2011 11:33am

@Stephen: Thank you very much Stephen! Yes on this particular day they definitely were ice cold! The spray was being blown back on them and freezing on contact! ;-)

Elaine Hancock from Rockville, United States

Great shot! I wonder how difficult it is to control the hose with all the force of the water spraying out.

27 Jul 2011 11:33am

tataray from france, France

Une belle approche du combat ..
Merci pour ces moments intenses. ))
Bonne journée.

27 Jul 2011 12:30pm

@tataray: Merci beaucoup Raymonde! Je suis heureux que vous appréciez la série et espérons que cela vous a fourni une compréhension plus profonde du monde dans lequel ces braves hommes et femmes travaillent sur ​​une base quotidienne. ;-)

Ralph Jones from Detroit, United States

I like your fire department's uniforms with their names on the back.
To answer your question about my post today; no it's a live fire. There are on average 6 fires within the city limits on any given day, the Detroit Fire Dept. will also respond and help some of the surrounding areas if they are needed, the fire department also responds to 38 alarms, 5 rescues, and 13 non fire emergencies on any given day.

27 Jul 2011 12:50pm

@Ralph Jones: Thank you very much Ralph! Yes, this helps to identify them to each other when they are in the midst of a conflagration. From the sounds of it they definitely have their hands full! Thank God for their skill and dedication which is such a vital service to the community! ;-)

Judy aka L@dybug from Brooksville, FL, United States

Another great shot, Eric, and the comments are interesting also.
Two men kneeling to hold the hose in place is evidence of the pressure in the hose. Riccardo's comment might indicate that firefighters are not as admired in Italy, but it might be a regional thing, not national.

27 Jul 2011 12:51pm

@Judy aka L@dybug: Thank you very much Judy! Yes, these hoses require great skill and strength to use effectively which is why they are usually manned by a two-man crew. As houses in Italy are primarily stone/concrete I do not think that fire is such an issue with them. Regardless it would be most unfortunate if they did not recognize the tremendously important role these men & women play in ensuring public safety! ;-)

Photographs by M.E. from San Francisco, United States

the sense of dedication is evident on this picture - from the firemen and from you! 2 different "shots" equally effective! thank you for educating us, too!

27 Jul 2011 1:34pm

@Photographs by M.E.: Thank you very much Maria! You are most kind! ;-)

PATRICK from miramas, France


27 Jul 2011 1:54pm

@PATRICK: Merci beaucoup Patrick! ;-)

Jason Politte from Conway, AR, United States

Excellent composition, Eric - I can imagine those hoses can really put up a fight. Well done!

27 Jul 2011 1:56pm

@Jason Politte: Thank you very much Jason! Yes, they are quite a handfull hence the two man crews..... ;-)

Viewfinder from Bradenton, FL, United States

Great visual documentation of this firefight throughout the series. Congrats to you, and to these firemen for their hard, dangerous work.

27 Jul 2011 2:02pm

@Viewfinder: Thank you very much Glenn! ;-)

Tracy from La Selva Beach, United States

Really cool! (literally and figuratively!) I am learning a lot about firefighting!

27 Jul 2011 2:08pm

@Tracy: Thank you very much Tracy! ;-)

Sam from Chennai, India

Nice composition and colours. Great shot , the fire is now under control. The firemen did a great job. Thanks for sharing so much of information on 'Fire Fighting'. Well done, Eric! :)

27 Jul 2011 2:30pm

@Sam: Thank you very much Sam! ;-)

Adela Fonts from Barcelona, Spain

Stunning scene. Excellent point of view ... and a dynamic series and bright. Full of life. Something to do yet ... But exude hope for a better future ... A hug, Adela

27 Jul 2011 2:50pm

@Adela Fonts: Thank you very much Adela! ;-)

Nicou from Sion, Switzerland

quel débit dans ce tuyau, il faut avoir une sacrée force, super compo

27 Jul 2011 3:15pm

@Nicou: Merci beaucoup Nicou! Oui cette impulsion d'extinction d'incendie, dont l'eau est fortement sous pression dans une brume vaporeuse, créant un effet de refroidissement qui est plus efficace que celle de l'eau seule. En raison de cela, il faut une équipe de deux hommes pour gérer efficacement ces tuyaux. ;-)

myky from Ontario, Canada

Another great image Eric and the background info is interesting.

27 Jul 2011 4:38pm

@myky: Thank you very much Myky! ;-)

Denny Jump Photo from Easton, PA, United States

And soon, everything turns back to snow and ice! Amazing shots, Eric!

27 Jul 2011 6:33pm

@Denny Jump Photo: Thank you very much Denny! ;-)

Kat from Lorraine, France

Les vêtements colorés des pompiers ajoutent une note colorée à cette série ! impressionnant ce combat contre les flammes !

27 Jul 2011 7:44pm

@Kat: Merci beaucoup Kat! ;-)

franz from Baden, Austria

brilliant closeup! the car on the right seems to have "survived" unharmed!

27 Jul 2011 8:39pm

@franz: Thank you very much Franz! Yes, it survived thanks to the skill of the firemen! ;-)

DowsherVision from PARIS, France

Great documentary, great work !!!!!!!

27 Jul 2011 9:14pm

@DowsherVision: Thank you very much DowsherVision! ;-)

Bill Brown from California, United States

Awesome capture! This is an excellent documentary series Eric. I Fireman's work is far from easy.

28 Jul 2011 12:16am

@Bill Brown: Thank you very much Bill! Yes indeed, their job is far from easy.... ;-)

Bill Brown from California, United States

Oops! That should read: A fireman's work....

28 Jul 2011 12:18am

@Bill Brown: ;-))

Georgie from Sherwood Park, Canada

A thick layer of ice to "skate" upon as they if they didn't have enough challenges. Awesome capture HB!

28 Jul 2011 2:24am

@Georgie: Thank you very much George! ;-)

Wild Mustang Photography from Carlisle, Massachusetts, United States

I feel the chill! A wonderful action shot that makes you feel the cold and conditions! Well done Eric!

28 Jul 2011 3:03am

@Wild Mustang Photography: Thank you very much Pam! ;-)

Bettina from Los Angeles, United States

Incredible to see this with all the snow! Excellent action shot!

28 Jul 2011 3:13am

@Bettina: Thank you very much Bettina! A very real part of our life here in the north..... ;-)

☺ ► ƸɼiϾ ◄ ☼ from Narbonne, France

yes, it s a great tribute to the firemen done with this reportage, thanks eric, and have a nice day ☼

28 Jul 2011 4:21am

@☺ ► ƸɼiϾ ◄ ☼: Thank you very much Eric! ;-)

BBM from south, United Kingdom

job done ! :)

28 Jul 2011 5:32am

@BBM: Thank you very much BBM! Yes, the fire is out but now they will have to ensure that there are no hot spots that could flare up! ;-)

Don Levesque from Saint John, Canada

Great series! Thanks for sharing!

28 Jul 2011 10:03am

@Don Levesque: Thank you very much Don! My pleasure...... ;-)

Roman from Thiersee, Austria

perfect zoom shot of the firemen

28 Jul 2011 2:31pm

@Roman: Thank you very much Roman! ;-)

B. Thomas from Arlington, Texas, United States

It's hard to believe there is still ice on that car after seeing the size and intensity of that fire. Good shot, Eric.

29 Jul 2011 1:00pm

@B. Thomas: Thank you very much Barbara! At -35F the freezing spray of the supression hoses was icing up almost as fast as the heat of the fire was melting it!!! ;-))

1/180 second
ISO 100
300 mm (35mm equiv.)